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Consortium Project

Welcome to the Consortium Project corner. This will serve as a place to commission new music from a composer of brass music. In joining the consortium, you will be joining like-minded individuals who desire new music to foster the love of brass music. Please read the consortium prospectus carefully before submitting your non-refundable fee.




This project has now concluded. Congrats are in order to Jose for completing a successful project, and a huge THANK YOU to the respondents for keeping the music going!

New projects will be posted here in the future.

Here are the people who helped to make "Identity" come to fruition:


David Holben (lead commissioner)

Rodger Vaughan Chapter of ITEA (lead commissioner)

Ramon Garavito, Jr.

Deanna Swoboda

James Gourlay

David Saltzman

Matthew Kundler

Nicholas Beltchev

David McLemore

Matt Tropman

Kevin Fenske

Chris Combest

Chance Trottman-Huiet

Xu Yan

Jeff Baker

Micky Wrobleski

Jerome Stover

updated 03/05/2022 1:10am PST

TO:        All Professors of Tuba and Euphonium and their students;

              All full-time professional Tubists


FROM:  David Holben


DATE:    January 2022


RE:         Invitation to join a consortium, commissioning a new work

              for tuba quartet by Jose Flores.


This project is now finished



To commission a new composition appropriate for university-level tuba and euphonium students, appropriate for a recital, tuba ensemble concert or competition, a piece that meets the desires of the player(s). The work should be fun yet challenging featuring the unique style of the composer, and representative of Latin culture with regards to folk melodies, rhythmic elements, etc.  Respondents can enter by paying the entry fee listed above.



Standard Tuba-Euphonium quartet (2 euphoniums, 2 tubas), but parts may be playable on the instruments available to the performers.


Individual Commissioner:  $75 or

Tuba-Euphonium Quartet/Ensemble: $75 to be paid by one member of the group

The Commissioners will be tuba professors and performing artists, or a tuba-euphonium studio who perform concerts regularly. Bearing in mind that the piece will be playable by most university tuba quartets, this consortium will serve individuals who have at their disposal a local professional or student pool of musicians, thereby ensuring a quality premiere. There will be a cutoff to join once the composer's fee has been met.


All versions of the music will be professionally printed, bound, and mailed to the commissioners by the composer.  Also, all commissioning entities will have their names printed in the program notes accompanying the published music.



  1. The euphonium parts will be designed for performance by collegiate players.

  2. The tuba parts will be designed for performance by collegiate players.


This piece will vary in length, but loosely framed at 6 - 8 minutes +/-. This is planned to be a multi-movement work.



In the unlikely event that the composer cannot completely satisfy composing/completing the commissioned work, a new composer will be chosen to fill the void.



Commissioners have exclusive performance rights for 6 months beginning at the time of completion of the work, at which time the work will become available for purchase by the public.



January 2022 - Project is public, and Commissioners sign up.


January 1 through Feb 15, 2022 - The new work is composed.


February 15, 2022 EXTENDED to March 1 - Deadline for signing up as a Commissioner. Payment is due.



Any first performance of the work by a Commissioner will be considered an official “premiere” in an ongoing series of first performances by participating Commissioners.


David Holben and the Rodger Vaughan Chapter of I.T.E.A. are the lead commissioners, and have agreed to give the world premiere of the work shortly after completion.



Purchase your commission on our website, click on the Consortium Project Tab and pay via PayPal (no account required) by March 1, 2022 to:


Your payment of $75 will reserve your place in the consortium, plus a $5.95 shipping charge. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider joining the project!  Let’s make some music! 

Warmest regards, David Holben



Jose Flores, is currently an associate band director at Akins Early College High School in Austin, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in Music Studies - Instrumental Emphasis. Throughout his undergraduate career, he received national awards in both performance and composition. His euphonium teacher was Mr. Charles Villarrubia and composition teacher was Dr. Bruce Pennycook. 


Jose hopes to positively impact his band students at Akins while writing meaningful music that people will enjoy sharing and performing. 


Composition awards include: 


  • Winner - U.S Army Band "Pershing's Own" Euphonium Solo Composition Contest

  • Finalist - Winston Morris Composition Contest

  • Finalist - WhenTubaComeOne Composition Contest 

  • Honorable Mention - Rodrigo Landa-Romero Composition Competition


To get a sense of his music, please see and hear more of Jose’s music at

Jose Flores.jpg